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BENKADI means "amicable agreement" in a group of people in the language of the Bamanan in Mali. This is the motto of the association BENKADI, its goal the promotion of the cultural life in Africa, its fundament the intercultural dialog.


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Religious songs and songs of praise for the Prophet comprise an important part of Mauritanian musical practise. In the modern traditions of Haratin musicians in Nouakchott and Chinguetti the tidinit lute and the neyfara flute will be heard in addition to the widely spread kettle drums. Contemporary bands round off this selection with their own unique repertoire.

Polyversal Souls

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The new composition "Ashanti Suite" is the first result of the cooperation Project between 12 musicians living in Germany and abroad and 10 musicians from Ghana. It was initiated and developed in Ghana by Maximilian Weissenfeldt, drummer, composer and musical director.

First phase: Ghana November 2014

In the first phase, the musicians from Germany travelled to Ghana for three weeks and met the Ghanaian musicians.

The following steps have been realized in Ghana:
- 10 concerts - The orchestra travelled around the coastal, rainforest- and Savannah-region and meet local musicians with their diverse cultures, location by location.

- Production of an album - The music has been recorded for three days in a studio with the goal of being released for the international market.

- Production of a film - In cooperation with the film production "ROHFILM" a documentary will accompany the Polyversal Souls in Ghana.

Second phase: Germany summer 2017

In the second phase, five Ghanaian musicians will travel to Germany for two weeks.

The following steps will be realized in Germany:
- 7 concerts - One of the concerts will be broadcasted live by the DEUTSCHLANDRADIO KULTUR

- Presentation of the album & the documentary to the media - A big number of German print and broadcasting media are planning on editing reports and programs about the Ashanti Suite and the Polyversal Souls in Ghana (SZ, FAZ, Die Zeit, taz, BR, arte).

Tour Dates: Ghana November 2014

07.11. Arrival

08.11. Trip to Kumasi

10.11. Rehearsals

11.11. Rehearsals

12.11. Rehearsals

13.11. Concert Alliance Francaise Kumasi

14.11. Concert Bantama Market Kumasi

15.11. Concert Ceremonial act 90 years Frafra in Kumasi

16.11. trip to Bolgatanga

17.11. Rehearsals

18.11. Concert Nyariga

19.11. Concert Zebilla

20.11. Concert Navrongo

21.11. Concert Namoo

23.11.Concert Bongo

24.11. trip to Bolgatanga

27.11. trip to Cape Coast

28.11. Concert Ekon

29.11. trip to Accra

29.11. Concert Alliance Francaise Accra

30.11. Departure


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