Culture Space Africa

BENKADI e.V. means amicable agreement and harmonic cooperation in a group of people. This is the motto of the association, founded in 2004 with the goal to "promote the cultural life in Africa", its fundament is the intercultural dialog.

BENKADI e.V. wants to bring people of different cultures together.

BENKADI e.V. stands for a co-operation of mutual respect and esteem.

BENKADI e.V. promotes the African culture as a key for development.

Through its activities BENKADI e.V. contrasts the daily negative reports in the media with the values of the African culture: The artistic heritage in the expression of music, dance, theatre, plastic arts and oral tradition in the transmission of history, poetry, tales and legends; the richness of civil African communities in strategies of communication and life; the local knowledge about a life in harmony with the nature, ecologic - holistic modern.

BENKADI e.V. Culture Space Africa provides numerous projects today projects.

BENKADI e.V. has about 25 private members and works politically and confessional independent.